Financial Planning: Personal Risk Insurance

Life can sometimes take an unexpected turn and at The Singh Group, we understand this and cater to all kinds of people with different circumstances.

Insurance can be categorised into:

  • Life insurance: This is when a lump sum is paid to those who are affected by the death of the person insured.
  • Income protection: As the name states, this is an alternate form of income provided when the person insured suffers severe illness or disability. This will help you to continue with your life as usual.
  • Trauma: When you face a sudden trauma or crisis such as a physical impairment like stroke, cancer or heart attack.
  • Total Disability: A lump sum payment is provided in the case of a sudden illness or injury which causes permanent disability and therefore prevents you from returning to work.

Whilst many people opt to put off personal insurance until they get older, it is advisable to have one as early as possible. As life can be unpredictable, it is better to secure the future of yourself and your loved ones in case of unexpected events.

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