Best in class Conveyancing services by The Singh Group

The Singh Group has plenty of experts who can help whether you plan on buying or selling a property or have questions about subdivision or land transfer. We offer highly professional conveyancing services in Melbourne. Our team is committed to providing you with the best land & property conveyancing in Melbourne.

The Singh Group offers flexible and affordable conveyancing services. We pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently whilst working around our client’s schedule and individual needs. We operate on a fixed price model which is proof of our commitment to providing an affordable service without compromise on quality.

If you are after the best conveyancer in Melbourne, then you do not need to look further. Our services include:

  • Commercial conveyancing – We also help with the purchase and sale of things like factories, shops and other commercial properties. We will make contact with potential sellers and complete all the necessary paperwork to make for a smooth transition.
  • Residential services – Our residential conveyancers can help you in anything from purchasing a new home or an investment property. We will make sure all the documents are intact and the final contract meets all legal requirements.
  • Subdivisions – Land division is a great opportunity for investors who are looking to make maximum profit in a short amount of time. We can assist you through the complete legal procedure with minimum costs and maximum profit.
  • Off the plan – Off the plan purchases can be tricky but we can help you deal with this with our experienced conveyancers. Buying a land before the property is developed can be risky but is a strong investment option which we can help to understand.
  • Land transfers – Land transfers is a lengthy process with different legal requirements and can be costly as well. We can aid you in completing all the important documentation and simplify the process for you. We make transferring the titles of your home or business a piece of cake.

Please contact The Singh Group, via email or by calling on 1300 584 885 to help you out with our best Conveyancing services.

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